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If You Want Your Ministry On The Super Information Highway.
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Using the Internet is an exciting new way to reach more people and tell everyone about your ministry services an Internet ministry web site will put the smallest church on equal terms with the larger ones. Your message can be seen by millions of people at any time of the day or night, around the world.

With a small investment, your ministry can be as polished, and on equal terms with any ministry ten times your size.

Should Christians Have An Internet Presence?
A Christian presence on the Internet is important for several reasons. First, email is a proven time saver and can help facilitate communications in our fast and changing world. Email provides an easy and cost effective way to make contact, and for our missionaries, it provides a daily link to home and supporters. Christians and churches need access to ministry information and services. Many Christian organizations are going on the net, and are providing on-line reading of their newsletters, magazines, and books. The Internet resource, will allow Christians around the world access to a vast amount of information in an instant.

Minister Reid was featured in Success Magazine April 1997

The Internet opens a new door of opportunity for those seeking to evangelize. Several organizations are exploring ways to train workers to establish relationships, meet needs, and thus opens doors to sharing the Gospel. The Internet is a cross reference of the world. The Internet is a valuable resource for communication and information, and too great of an opportunity for evangelism for us to ignore.

Right Now, with an estimated 50+ MILLION people currently using computers to access the Internet, and an additional 100 million by the turn of the century, now is the time to do it. I will provide you a quick affordable way to get on the Internet...........Contact Me Today !

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